Subdermal Implants

So I went into The City yesterday to get my subdermal implants. Everytime I visit that place I get the same feeling. The constant recurring insanity behind every corner. Coffeecups running late for work, two guys shooting heroin and a couple of happy immigrants playing saxophone beside them in the subway car, advertisements reminding you of your worthlessness and how it could be changed by throwing some money in the right direction.

In the middle of all of this chaotic clusterfuck of crushed dreams I got one of my dreams fulfilled. I finally got my subdermal implants placed in my arms. I’ve waited years for this, but everytime I got close to getting them something always seemed to get in the way. But now it’s done. They’re placed in my arms and ready to heal up. Let’s just hope they heal perfectly because I can’t wait to remove the tape and see the full effect.

Anyway, here’s a video of a guy deep-frying and eating a PSP.

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