My thoughts on the movie Organ, a movie with staggering, organ theft and breakcore.

It starts of with two undercover cops going after the  yakuza’s organ trade business. They’re soon exposed and everything turns to shit. One of them manages to escape and plots his revenge. That’s it. That’s the simplified version of it all. The rest of the movie is filled with strange scenes of gory hallucinations, people staggering around and having their organs stolen.

A mix of a crappy script, bad english translation together with strange editing and great music gives this movie a very surreal and confusing atmosphere. Sometimes it feels like a lynch movie, then it feels like a comic book, and then like a slow dream. It’s easy to get lost in this movie, and I strongly doubt it makes more sense if you’re fluent in Japanese.

The gore scenes are really strange in this one. People hatch from cocoons with caterpillars emerging from within them, a guy getting merged with a plant in some experiment..  I honestly never understood that part. But it’s there.

Then there’s the staggering and crawling. Holy shit do they stagger a lot in this movie. They stagger around all the time. About 80% of all movement in this movie is people staggering or crawling around. It’s really annoying. No seriously watch this movie in at least 2x the speed.

Anyway they move slowly in this movie. The music is perfect and the FX are pretty good too.

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