Shadowrun for the Super Nintendo is one of my all time favorite games. It also exist on the Sega Genesis but that version is by far inferior to the SNES version in my opinion. A Sega-CD/Mega-CD version also exist known as Shadowrun Tokyo and it’s very different from both the SNES and Genesis games.

In Shadowrun you wake up at the Seattle morgue as Jake Armitage (Neuromancer), presumed dead Shadowrunner who of course suffers from amnesia. Now it’s time to start killing those bastards who put you there, better put on those sunglasses so nobody recognizes you. While the game is heavy cyberpunkish it still features a lot of fantasy characters like Elves and Orcs. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it might feel a bit strange at first. Now a Shadowrunner is kinda like a high-tech errand boy. People hire you for hacking, data smuggling or maybe just a helping hand with a shotgun. You can also hire other Shadowrunners throughout the game if you feel it’s necessary

Now like I said I personally prefer the Super Nintendo version. It’s seen through an isometric perspective, has better music and the battle and spell system is by far superior to the Genesis version which is top-down and has a horrible system that in my opinion seems more structured for arcade gaming than an RPG. Here’s my personal Shadowrun games and their differences:

The US version

The Japanese version, with it’s superior design

Just like the box-art the manuals are quite different.
Again the Japanese version is superior in both artwork and color.
However the US version features this ugly poster

Then there’s the hugely different Shadowrun for Sega-CD.
Also known as Shadowrun Tokyo , or Shadowrun Tokyo 2095.

Shadowrun Tokyo features a very different gameplay style where you control a whole group and switch between different characters with individual abilities. The game is seen from a top-down perspective like the Genesis version, however Shadowrun Tokyo looks much better and is a very different game than Shadowrun on the Genesis.

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