Suddenly summer

Since last time I wrote something here a lot of things have changed. I abandoned the old apartment and moved into a new one, which is really nice. I’ve also managed to find myself a new job, a job at which I endured 3 months before it sucked every last bit of happiness out of me and left me an empty shell. So I quit that and found myself another new job, a job which starts in 2 weeks and hopefully won’t bore me to death like the last one.

It’s also summer which is always nice, except for the fact that my implants are very sensitive to the sun so I can’t expose them to sunlight. Which of course means that I have to wear long-sleeve shirts all day long and become a puddle of sweat every time I’m outside for more than 3 minutes.

Anyway, since my new job will require that I have full access to the internet all the time, and also keep track at a million things all day long; I’ve decided to buy myself a tablet to surf on. More specifically an iPad2. I decided to go with the iPad2 because of its huge support from everyone. Really excited to try out Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars HD on it.

So that’s about it, today is Sunday and I’m just staying in the apartment trying to figure out some designs for work and beating the aqua temple in 3D Dot Game Heroes.

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