Back in The City

So my visit to nature went pretty well. I didn’t get infected, at least not with something that I haven’t already got. So that’s got to be on the plus side.

But now I’m back in The City again.. started working at my new job. Not officially though because I still don’t have a clue what my job description is or what the hell I’m really doing there. But we’ll get there in time. I really like it except for the fact that it kills my desire to continue drawing on my comic book. I’ve always hated the effect that when you work with things related to something you’re actually interested in, you lose interest in it completely because it becomes part of your daily tasks.

So whenever I sit down to work on the comic book I just stare at it and maybe draw some lines and then just leave it and fall asleep to some brain-numbing movie. Hopefully I’ll find a solution to this because I really don’t want to kill my one creative hobby in order to earn money. Money which doesn’t even pay the bills at the moment.

I’m not complaining though, it sure beats all my other crappy jobs.. and it pays better. It’s just that my bills are way too high at the moment, and I’m not. When that changes, maybe I’ll find inspiration to draw comics again.

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