Poisonous Skyrim Scam

I’ve spent most of my weekend playing The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim. It is a damn good game, it’s especially fun since I’m from a Northern country so the names, accents and setting is spot-on. Well except for the dragons and magic, but we do have Northern Lights and snow..

Anyway, my character started out just like any other character in any other RPG. I was lost, down on my luck and just about to give up. But I didn’t , I killed a dragon, went to the nearest big town and chopped enough wood to be able to afford my own house. It was a piece of shit full of holes but I needed a base to plan my empire.

Fast forward ~2,5 weeks later. I’m now a wealthy man wandering around draining village shopkeepers of their hard-earned gold with my poison-scam. Business is good when you’re dealing poison, I’ve upgraded my house to a premium one and have a fine steed.

But money is nothing without knowledge, so I decided to enroll in college. I spent a week at the Mage’s College, smoking drugs and getting into trouble with the establishment. Came out with a whole set of new powers to abuse.

Oh and I also had a mighty battle with a dragon at the highest point of a mountain, standing on a small cliff with my staff. It was the mightiest battle I’ve ever had in a game. All completely random too.

Look mom, doing drugs in school made me a stronger person! Now I can kill dragons!

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2 Responses to Poisonous Skyrim Scam

  1. I’m told there is a good market for poison. Not bad. I only had to steal souls to afford my home.

    • Fox says:

      Yeah the plus side is that you also receive a good amount of XP when you craft them so it’s Gold+Skill :)


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