Hacker Horror

Ghost In The Machine is a hacker-horror movie that spawned from the fear of the Internet in the 90’s.

Similar movies that come to mind are  Death Machine, The Net  and the X-Files episode “Blood” from Season 2.

The movie features Marion from Indiana Jones getting stalked by a dead serial killer turned ghost hacker who can assume control over absolutely anything and kill anyone. It’s actually really entertaining and executed well enough to be interesting.

During the second half of the movie there are some cheesy effects and a stupid virtual-reality scene. However there are some non-computer made gore effects that look pretty sweet, like the microwave scene. Fucking brilliant


I don’t really want to spoil anything, which is why I can’t write reviews. But the ending seems a bit rushed and stupid. But you can’t really demand logic in a movie like this. I do recommend to at least try and watch it. If you have to; watch it non-sober, whatever that means to you and you should be fine.

I give this movie 4 fried modems out of 5

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