So summer is here, my vacation starts next week and goes on until the beginning of August. As I’m writing this I’m looking out at the sun rising , knowing that today is my last day filled with real actual work. I have a meeting on Monday but the only requirements for success on that is that I’m sober and awake. If those requirements are met everyone involved should be happy campers and we can all go our separate ways of decadence during the summer.

But alas, today is a work day. Because of this I just brewed an enormous cup of coffee in order to prepare for today’s work, not having slept sure isn’t helping to focus because I’m clearly focusing on this wasteland of a blog rather than doing some actual work. It’s the perfect insult against establishment and it’s making my coffee taste wonderful.

Assuming all this goes well and I can finally go on my self-labelled needed vacation, the 5 people who actually read this can look forward to a heap of b-movie reviews and also shorter game reviews from my enormous steam-backlog.

Until then, tear down the walls of your cubicle, take off your suit and party like it’s 1972!

I’ve seen shit you wouldn’t believe man!

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