Street Of Fury

Street of fury is an action movie about street gangs in Hong Kong during the 90’s.

Things get out of hand quickly when street fighting brothers Hu and Long gets bullied by the Dong Xing gang and their leader Short Sighted. In order to fight back they seek an alliance with the rival gang Hung Hing and their mental case leader King who reminds me of Tak Fuji from the Konami trainwreck conference of 2010.

Their usual way of getting revenge is to run up to and “chop up”  the rival gang-members with machetes on open streets. One might think that a scene like this would be very brutal and bloody, but it isn’t at all. There’s no blood spraying and no wounds at all actually, they just hit each other with their machetes like sticks and then they fall down.



It’s a pretty chilled movie that works well if the hours are late and your vision is blurred. It has a lot of comedy moments, some intentional, some in the crappy subtitles and some from the overly dramatic death scenes throughout the movie.

I give this movie 3 roundkicks out of 5.

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