Why me building a computer makes your summer better.

Some time ago I used to live a little bit off from the city. Which meant I had to drive to get into town, whenever I wore sunglasses or even brought my sunglasses with me – There would be rain when I arrived. No matter how nice and cloud-free the skies were while I left.

This spring I decided to invest in a new pair of rather nice and pricey sunglasses during the first real spring heat. When I bought them I told the woman in the store to expect snow and misery to be around the corner any second. She tried to convince me that I was just being a pessimistic paranoid for expecting this to happen. Two days later it started snowing and didn’t really get better until many weeks later.

Fast forward to now, the weather has been complete shit once again with the apparently coldest June since several decades. I mean I’m fine with that as long as I have something else to do – like playing games and working on my comic book on my computer.

Except my computer died at the exact same moment the weather decided to be rainy and shitty.

So now I’m doing everyone a massive fucking favor by building myself a high-end computer during my vacation. Why would this help you? Because the second I assemble this great beast of escapism the weather will turn to be so unbearably hot and nice that there is no way to enjoy sitting in front of a computer. Which means that everyone else can go about their vacation while I sit inside with no money left in front of a big great oven.

Headlines when my computer died “Coldest June since decades”

Now when I ordered the parts “Summer heat is finally here”

Here we go..

Be grateful.

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