Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami|| Genre: Murder spree || Dev: Dennaton Games || PC

Things are starting to get weird. There’s a strung out hooker on my couch. Piles of empty pizza boxes and newspaper cutouts lay scattered throughout the apartment.  My mind is a falling elevator.

Hotline Miami Review Game

Hotline Miami is a top-down shooter set in 1989 about a man’s descent into madness. It has a very slick style to it that feels like a combination of Dobermann, 2-CB and Super Nintendo.

Every stage is a new day, and every new day contains a message on your answering machine telling you to go places and waste a bunch of guys. I immediately got some Ichi The Killer vibes from the whole thing, where Ichi is tricked into killing “Bullies” in a much similar way. At first glance the game might seem similar to other titles in the genre, but Hotline Miami differs at many points.

First of all there’s no health bar. If you get shot, stabbed, smacked with a tire iron – you will die. This in combination with very solid controls makes for a well balanced mix of planning and high-speed slaughter. If that wasn’t enough the game offers stellar blood pumping beats to keep you going with your murder spree.

Hotline Miami Review Game

All in all – I highly recommend this game.

I give it 5 brain-splattered animal masks, out of 5 for fucks sake.

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