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The perfect analogy for Star Wars Specials

First of all, I don’t really care if Disney bought Star Wars. It’s been on it’s downfall ever since the 1997 special edition re-launch if you ask me. But I just realized, this is the perfect analogy for what George … Continue reading

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Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami|| Genre: Murder spree || Dev: Dennaton Games || PC Things are starting to get weird. There’s a strung out hooker on my couch. Piles of empty pizza boxes and newspaper cutouts lay scattered throughout the apartment.  My mind … Continue reading

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Good old Grand Theft Auto

I used to watch this Grand Theft Auto short film all the time way back when GTA 2 was hot. It’s pretty sweet.

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Thieves – Cyberpunk Short

Watch this, you’ll like it!

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Hello Mars

Congratulations Nasa for a badass landing on Mars. Seriously, that landing had to be a fucking nightmare. There’s a simulation over at the Nasa website where you can see the whole thing. It’s completely insane. Let’s see if they find any triple-tits midgets and reactors up … Continue reading

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Gaming photography

Since I assembled my new computer I’ve been playing a lot of games, a whole pile actually. During this I’ve taken a lot of screenshots from every game. Here are some of the best ones:Skyrim Max Payne 3 Grand Theft … Continue reading

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Why me building a computer makes your summer better.

Some time ago I used to live a little bit off from the city. Which meant I had to drive to get into town, whenever I wore sunglasses or even brought my sunglasses with me – There would be rain … Continue reading

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Street Of Fury

Street of fury is an action movie about street gangs in Hong Kong during the 90’s. Things get out of hand quickly when street fighting brothers Hu and Long gets bullied by the Dong Xing gang and their leader Short Sighted. … Continue reading

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So summer is here, my vacation starts next week and goes on until the beginning of August. As I’m writing this I’m looking out at the sun rising , knowing that today is my last day filled with real actual … Continue reading

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Hacker Horror

Ghost In The Machine is a hacker-horror movie that spawned from the fear of the Internet in the 90’s. Similar movies that come to mind are  Death Machine, The Net  and the X-Files episode “Blood” from Season 2. The movie … Continue reading

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