Poisonous Skyrim Scam

I’ve spent most of my weekend playing The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim. It is a damn good game, it’s especially fun since I’m from a Northern country so the names, accents and setting is spot-on. Well except for the dragons and magic, but we do have Northern Lights and snow..

Anyway, my character started out just like any other character in any other RPG. I was lost, down on my luck and just about to give up. But I didn’t , I killed a dragon, went to the nearest big town and chopped enough wood to be able to afford my own house. It was a piece of shit full of holes but I needed a base to plan my empire.

Fast forward ~2,5 weeks later. I’m now a wealthy man wandering around draining village shopkeepers of their hard-earned gold with my poison-scam. Business is good when you’re dealing poison, I’ve upgraded my house to a premium one and have a fine steed.

But money is nothing without knowledge, so I decided to enroll in college. I spent a week at the Mage’s College, smoking drugs and getting into trouble with the establishment. Came out with a whole set of new powers to abuse.

Oh and I also had a mighty battle with a dragon at the highest point of a mountain, standing on a small cliff with my staff. It was the mightiest battle I’ve ever had in a game. All completely random too.

Look mom, doing drugs in school made me a stronger person! Now I can kill dragons!

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Back in The City

So my visit to nature went pretty well. I didn’t get infected, at least not with something that I haven’t already got. So that’s got to be on the plus side.

But now I’m back in The City again.. started working at my new job. Not officially though because I still don’t have a clue what my job description is or what the hell I’m really doing there. But we’ll get there in time. I really like it except for the fact that it kills my desire to continue drawing on my comic book. I’ve always hated the effect that when you work with things related to something you’re actually interested in, you lose interest in it completely because it becomes part of your daily tasks.

So whenever I sit down to work on the comic book I just stare at it and maybe draw some lines and then just leave it and fall asleep to some brain-numbing movie. Hopefully I’ll find a solution to this because I really don’t want to kill my one creative hobby in order to earn money. Money which doesn’t even pay the bills at the moment.

I’m not complaining though, it sure beats all my other crappy jobs.. and it pays better. It’s just that my bills are way too high at the moment, and I’m not. When that changes, maybe I’ll find inspiration to draw comics again.

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Natural Fox

I’ve decided to run away from the city a few days, to kind of get in touch with nature. We’ll see how it goes.. I’m guessing there won’t be a huge difference, if any difference at all. There will probably be more bugs, and I might get infected with something contagious from some rare plant. But other than that things will probably be the same.

But the best difference is that I’ll get away from all the fucking people, because where I’m going you can sit and stare in any direction the whole day and still not see a human being anywhere. It’s fucking perfect.

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Suddenly summer

Since last time I wrote something here a lot of things have changed. I abandoned the old apartment and moved into a new one, which is really nice. I’ve also managed to find myself a new job, a job at which I endured 3 months before it sucked every last bit of happiness out of me and left me an empty shell. So I quit that and found myself another new job, a job which starts in 2 weeks and hopefully won’t bore me to death like the last one.

It’s also summer which is always nice, except for the fact that my implants are very sensitive to the sun so I can’t expose them to sunlight. Which of course means that I have to wear long-sleeve shirts all day long and become a puddle of sweat every time I’m outside for more than 3 minutes.

Anyway, since my new job will require that I have full access to the internet all the time, and also keep track at a million things all day long; I’ve decided to buy myself a tablet to surf on. More specifically an iPad2. I decided to go with the iPad2 because of its huge support from everyone. Really excited to try out Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars HD on it.

So that’s about it, today is Sunday and I’m just staying in the apartment trying to figure out some designs for work and beating the aqua temple in 3D Dot Game Heroes.

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Shadowrun for the Super Nintendo is one of my all time favorite games. It also exist on the Sega Genesis but that version is by far inferior to the SNES version in my opinion. A Sega-CD/Mega-CD version also exist known as Shadowrun Tokyo and it’s very different from both the SNES and Genesis games.

In Shadowrun you wake up at the Seattle morgue as Jake Armitage (Neuromancer), presumed dead Shadowrunner who of course suffers from amnesia. Now it’s time to start killing those bastards who put you there, better put on those sunglasses so nobody recognizes you. While the game is heavy cyberpunkish it still features a lot of fantasy characters like Elves and Orcs. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it might feel a bit strange at first. Now a Shadowrunner is kinda like a high-tech errand boy. People hire you for hacking, data smuggling or maybe just a helping hand with a shotgun. You can also hire other Shadowrunners throughout the game if you feel it’s necessary

Now like I said I personally prefer the Super Nintendo version. It’s seen through an isometric perspective, has better music and the battle and spell system is by far superior to the Genesis version which is top-down and has a horrible system that in my opinion seems more structured for arcade gaming than an RPG. Here’s my personal Shadowrun games and their differences:

The US version

The Japanese version, with it’s superior design

Just like the box-art the manuals are quite different.
Again the Japanese version is superior in both artwork and color.
However the US version features this ugly poster

Then there’s the hugely different Shadowrun for Sega-CD.
Also known as Shadowrun Tokyo , or Shadowrun Tokyo 2095.

Shadowrun Tokyo features a very different gameplay style where you control a whole group and switch between different characters with individual abilities. The game is seen from a top-down perspective like the Genesis version, however Shadowrun Tokyo looks much better and is a very different game than Shadowrun on the Genesis.

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My thoughts on the movie Organ, a movie with staggering, organ theft and breakcore.

It starts of with two undercover cops going after the  yakuza’s organ trade business. They’re soon exposed and everything turns to shit. One of them manages to escape and plots his revenge. That’s it. That’s the simplified version of it all. The rest of the movie is filled with strange scenes of gory hallucinations, people staggering around and having their organs stolen.

A mix of a crappy script, bad english translation together with strange editing and great music gives this movie a very surreal and confusing atmosphere. Sometimes it feels like a lynch movie, then it feels like a comic book, and then like a slow dream. It’s easy to get lost in this movie, and I strongly doubt it makes more sense if you’re fluent in Japanese.

The gore scenes are really strange in this one. People hatch from cocoons with caterpillars emerging from within them, a guy getting merged with a plant in some experiment..  I honestly never understood that part. But it’s there.

Then there’s the staggering and crawling. Holy shit do they stagger a lot in this movie. They stagger around all the time. About 80% of all movement in this movie is people staggering or crawling around. It’s really annoying. No seriously watch this movie in at least 2x the speed.

Anyway they move slowly in this movie. The music is perfect and the FX are pretty good too.

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So I decided to dust off one of my favourite games today and play through it. Not many games like this exist. In my world the only true cyberpunk games are Shadowrun for the SNES and Snatcher. I prefer to play it on Sega CD since it’s the only version that I own, but it’s also available on Pc-Engine and Playstation. Snatcher is what you get when you merge Blade Runner with Invasion Of The Body Snatchers. A conspiracy filled cyberpunk adventure game by no other than Hideo Kojima.

In Snatcher you are Gillian Seed, cool guy with trench coat and amnesia who’s become a Junker. A junker is pretty much the exact same thing as a Blade Runner. Your mission is to stop robots known as Snatchers from taking control of the city by killing humans and taking their place in society. A skeem very much like the one in Invasion Of The Body Snatchers. At the same time you’re trying to remember who you really are so you can save your failing relationship with your wife Jamie, who also suffers from amnesia. To aid you on your mission, you get a huge pistol and a robot sidekick called the Metal Gear Mk II. Yes this is where the little Metal Gear from MGS4 comes from. It’s equipped with several sensors, lockpicking devices and also a handy videophone to call sex lines with when you feel lonely and stuck in the game.

The gameplay is much like old Point-N-Click games except here you are presented with a number of standard options like “Look, Investigate, Talk” etc, there’s also the combat parts where you have to shoot Snatchers and their Insectoids. These can either be controlled by the Justifier light gun (Sega CD) or using the controller to control the cross hair. I’ve tried both methods and they both work fine. The Justifier can be a bit random, but it’s way more fun to play with that than the gamepad. Much of the dialog in the game is progressed by text but there’s very much voiceover work done in it too. So all cutscenes and all important dialoge parts are always voiced while other, less important things like Gillian’s own observations are just presented in text.

The graphics are really nice drawn and the whole game is presented much like a comic book. Fans of Hideo Kojima’s more popular games will recognize the story telling style consisting of long cut scenes and thick back story. All this together with the slow-paced, detective styled gameplay and great music makes for a perfect atmosphere for a cyberpunk game.

The perfect cyberpunk game, skip work to play it.

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Subdermal Implants

So I went into The City yesterday to get my subdermal implants. Everytime I visit that place I get the same feeling. The constant recurring insanity behind every corner. Coffeecups running late for work, two guys shooting heroin and a couple of happy immigrants playing saxophone beside them in the subway car, advertisements reminding you of your worthlessness and how it could be changed by throwing some money in the right direction.

In the middle of all of this chaotic clusterfuck of crushed dreams I got one of my dreams fulfilled. I finally got my subdermal implants placed in my arms. I’ve waited years for this, but everytime I got close to getting them something always seemed to get in the way. But now it’s done. They’re placed in my arms and ready to heal up. Let’s just hope they heal perfectly because I can’t wait to remove the tape and see the full effect.

Anyway, here’s a video of a guy deep-frying and eating a PSP.

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Warp drive 2011

Ok so let’s warp drive into 2011. A world where everything scans everything, where wars are fought digitally and the hippies have successfully overgrown every government. Aside from that I quit my job, or did they quit me? Who cares, it’s the future.

I’ve met a wonderful girl to share my existence with, so that makes me less of a miserable mess. I’ve also moved into a new apartment.

Aah the new apartment!

Six months of living in this apartment and I have successfully killed every plant in it. The drapes are down 24/7 and the glow from various computer screens are substitutes for sunlight, or is it the other way around? No money to redesign it with new furniture, the biggest design choice so far has been to move the toaster to the living room.

I like this place.

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I’m having an intense hangover from yesterday. My head pounds every time I move it, I’ve managed to get sick, I have no money left and I’m bleeding. What the fuck.

On top of everything I’m at work, and I’ve been here the whole day and I’ll be here until midnight. Fuck me this is horrible.  I can’t really remember much from last night. Although I have made 23 phone calls, of which I remember one. But I can’t really remember what I said and it’s probably for the best that I don’t. I do remember playing Blackjack and drinking rum, and then I yelled at someone. But the rest is blurry. The thing is that I knew I was going to work today but since I didn’t get any day off this weekend either I felt that I deserved to get drunk and have some fun.

But it wasn’t until somewhere between waking up and throwing up at work that I realised just how fucked I was.

Why is the rum gone , brother ?

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